Architect Expo 2017

Building Blocs displays its new capabilities at the show.

Embedded Services Panel

Building Blocs takes your onsite M&E works OFFSITE.

In contrast to other competing wall materials, this innovated variant greatly reduces onsite M&E works such as trench cutting, patching and wastage. Electrical piping are embedded in the manufacturing process with precision positioning and placement customized to your project specifications. The result of this application simplifies the scope of M&E work onsite, eliminates waste from grooving, trenching, patching, cutting and finishing while improving cost efficiency.

Increased Panel Height up to 3.5m

Building Blocs is able to provide and customize BB WALL PANEL for all your project needs. Standard sizing of 2.4m, 2.85m, 3m and 3.5m panel height reduce wastage resulting from onsite cutting.

The 3.5 metres BB wall panel is tailored to meet the needs of prestigious commercial property projects and high-end luxury condominiums with high floor to ceiling heights ensuring a non-adjointed wall profile and exceptional finish quality.

BB Acoustic Wall System

The BB Wall Panel achieves a sound insulation value of 40db at just 75mm thickness without further plastering or skim coating. The superior sound insulation properties is highly suitable for hotels, premium condominiums and landed properties.

75mm BB Wall Panel – STC 40dB

100mm BB Wall Panel – STC 43dB

200mm Acoustic System Wall – STC 55dB

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